What To Do With Clothing Donations

Did you know Goodwill Industries of Acadiana provides free shopping vouchers for CSA clients to access essential clothing and household items?
This mutually beneficial partnership allows CSA to utilize our resources and limited storage space as responsibly as possible by only receiving and storing the in-kind donations we know we need to operate our specific service programs, which address housing, hygiene, and hunger issues in Acadiana. A full list of donation items we accept can be found online at www.catholicservice.org/currentneeds.
To maximize the impact of all in-kind gifts, CSA directs generous donors with donations we cannot effectively utilize--including clothing, decorative items, and accessories--to a local Goodwill donation center where they have the capacity to sort, store, and thoughtfully redistribute gifts for the good of our community.
“I feel that Agencies need to work together more often to assist those who really need it,” states Rachel Cormier, Administrative Assistant for Goodwill Industries of Acadiana. “CSA provides a holistic approach to assist those individuals who are in need. It is an honor that Goodwill can provide clothing and household items to those who are getting a chance at a new beginning and a fresh start.”


Sarah ClementComment