At Our Core

We care for the sacred gift of all human life, especially the most vulnerable. 

These values define our organization's culture and guide our work. By embodying them we continue to be aligned with Catholic Social Justice teachings and capture the unique spirit in which we operate. 

Dignity of the Human Person

We value the sacred dignity of the human person because we believe all humanity is made in the image and likeness of God. Dignity does not come from what we do but from who we are. 


We believe we are one human family regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, economic or ideological differences. We have a firm and persevering determination towards the common good. We believe we are responsible for and belong to each other. 

Boundless Mercy

We embody a spirit compassion and forgiveness. We are compelled to be witnesses of the mercy we have received. As vessels of God’s goodness, His mercy must be evident when people encounter us. 

Joyful Tenacity

Our joyful tenacity inspires us to respond to adversity with courage. We approach challenges with a spirit of optimism and creativity. We are committed to serving the most vulnerable with a sense of urgency and enthusiasm. 


We recognize that in our service we must have a willingness to do what is necessary. We do not seek our own recognition but rejoice in the success of our cooperative and collaborative efforts. 


We advocate for a just society and pursue the transformation of systems for the furtherance of the most vulnerable. We believe that every injustice suffered by a member of our common family, should be felt in the heart of the Church. We are privileged to offer our voice as advocates on behalf of the people we serve