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Mercy at the Heart of Our Work

At Catholic Services of Acadiana, we strive to carry out the seven corporal works of mercy through every project and program we administer. Every corporal work calls upon people of goodwill to meet the unmet human needs of others - that’s the “corporal” part. Equally as important, all seven corporal works of mercy ask us to compassionately identify with the poor and marginalized members of society - that’s the “mercy” part. If you’ve never personally experienced hunger, homelessness, poverty, or imprisonment, truly identifying with the populations we serve at Catholic Services can be difficult. But when you visit with real people during times in their lives when they are on the receiving end of the corporal works of mercy, you begin to realize that the line between offering and receiving corporal works is incredibly thin.

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What's Happening Downtown?

In the last edition of Acadiana Works of Mercy, we shared how we are working with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office (LPSO) to identify new ways we can aid individuals who are re-entering the community after a period of institutionalization. The goal is to provide appropriate supports and resources to these individuals so that they can re-enter the community without becoming homeless. In just a few short months 

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