Fund the Gap

There is a program called Exodus 90 that has grown in popularity among Catholic men. The aim of the program is to grow in freedom from things that distract us by going 90 days, doing various penances.

One of the most difficult is taking short lukewarm or cold showers. The men that enter into this program do so willingly, for spiritual benefits. It can be a great experience when they decide to do so.

Unfortunately, many people are not able to make that choice, and their fate is even worse. Rather than having an opportunity to choose to take cold showers, they have no shower. Many live on the street and do not have access to bathroom facilities of their own. This is where the Stella Maris Center comes in.

Stella Maris Center is a hygiene facility operated by Catholic Services of Acadiana. The goal is to offer people a place to shower, wash clothes, and in doing so, to remind them of their human dignity.

Most of us have experienced being tired after a long trip or a long day and having that feeling of wanting to get home and get clean. Most of us know how good it feels when we take a shower and put on a fresh set of clothes. Most of us have the luxury to do so without even thinking about it.

This year the Stella Maris Center is experiencing a financial shortfall. Please consider making a gift to help provide these vital services. This will ensure that people in our community have the opportunity to take a bath and wash their clothes, which is not asking much. A sustained gift is the best way to provide for the long-term needs of the center, butanything is greatly appreciated.