Please Note: We currently have more than enough travel size toiletries and toothbrushes.

The support and generosity of the community helps us change lives through the services we offer in our programs. We rely heavily on your donations to provide our clients with what they need. Consider helping us meet the need by purchasing and donating the items listed below. You can also host a donation drive within your club,company, church, or school. No donation is too small to make a difference.

For food donations...

St. Joseph Diner
613 West Simcoe
Lafayette, LA 70501

Monday - Friday from 6:30AM-10:30AM and 2:30PM-5:00PM

*** You can also help the Diner by cooking food to be served.
Along with the items listed below, St. Joseph Diner also accepts leftovers from events. We kindly ask only for leftovers that would be enough for 30 or more***


For rehousing, shelter,

or hygiene items...

Msgr. Sigur Center
401 Saint John St.
Lafayette, LA 70501

Monday - Friday from 8:00AM-12:00PM

***You can also purchase items online have them
shipped to CCA at the address provided above.***


If you would like more information about scheduling a donation drive or have questions about an item you'd like to donate,
please contact Sarah Baquet at 337.235.4972 ext 120 or


St. Joseph Diner

Low sugar cereal
Low sodium cream of mushroom or chicken soup
Whole grain pasta (elbow, spaghetti, penne)
Season all
Granulated garlic
Onion powder
Black pepper
Dried Basil
Dried Oregano
Dried Parsley
Chili powder
Styrofoam bowls
Plastic spoons & forks

Dry beans
Brown rice
Olive oil
Liquid or fresh eggs
Salad dressing
Sugar substitute
Coffee creamer
Low sodium chicken or beef stock
Parmesan cheese
Whole grain pancake mix
Sugar free syrup
Tomato paste
Tomato sauce
Low sodium canned vegetables
Canned fruit (in 100% fruit juice, water, or light syrup)
Fresh fruits and vegetables

msgr. sigur center -- Rehousing

Floor cleaner
Broom & dust pan
Laundry detergent
Laundry baskets
Curtains & rods
Bathroom cleaner
Toilet brush & cleaner
1-Ply Toilet paper
Full size shampoo & conditioner
First aid kit

Light bulbs
New pillows
Tall trash cans & liners
Paper towels
Glass cleaner
Kitchen degreaser
Dish cloths
Liquid dish soap & sponges
Eating & cooking utensils
Plate sets
Pot & pans
Mop & bucket


Stella maris center

Bath towels
Wash cloths
Backpacks or duffel bags
New men's and women's underwear

the emily house for women & children

Laundry powder
Twin size blankets
Twin size sheet sets
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Body wash in bottles
Bath towels
Wash cloths
Diapers - all sizes


Shower curtains and rings
Clorox wipes
Ziploc bags (gallon and snack size)
Hand Soap
Latex gloves (medium and large)
Small trash cans for rooms
Sanitary napkins and tampons
Kitchen towels
Styrofoam cups
Styrofoam bowls
Canned goods
Baby wipes

St. Joseph shelter for men & st. michael center for veterans

Full size shampoo and conditioner
Bar soap
Bath towels
Wash cloths