CSA Insider Notes


A message of Gratitude from Colleen

I want to thank everyone who attended my Friend MS Carol’s funeral. She was funny and childlike and just latched on to certain people, myself being one of them. I had the pleasure of remaining in contact with her over the years. Anytime she saw a tragedy or something good on the news, she would call to tell me about it. She also loved her cat Mimi, she would always call to tell me all the cute things her cat did.


I was crushed when she passed and we were planning a service and I pictured only myself and Kim sitting in the most beautiful church. There were only 3 people at her service that personally knew her, but the outpouring of support from all of you was amazing. I am blessed to work with a fantastic group of people who gave of themselves to attend a service for someone they had never met. I know Ms. Carol was smiling when she saw how beautiful her service was and all that attended. I especially want to thank Kim and Ben for reading, and Jeremy for offering to be a pall bearer.

Quarterly Meeting Recap

Last Friday at our quarterly meeting we shared some exciting news and a message from Bishop Deshotel.  On June 20, 2018, our organization formally will become Catholic Charities of Acadiana. Bishop Deshotel incorporate new programs and begin providing support to existing social ministries throughout the diocese by assisting with training, best practices and convening. We are excited about this growth and also grateful for Bishop Deshotel's desires to see the entire Diocese engaged in its charitable works. If you have questions, please send them to Sarah Clement. 

Employee Engagement Survey

The top three areas for growth as identified by our employee engagement survey were: compensation, professional development, and communication. At the recent quarterly meeting, we discussed that the CSA administration is currently developing a mutli-year plan to address compensation packages. Kim explained the challenges in raising at least an additional $150,000 of new revenue each year in order to offer increases (3% cost-of-living to those eligible and merited) and accommodate rising costs of benefits. Check out the slide below as an example of how this plays out on an employee level. 

Ex. $882 of new revenue must be secured in order to offer the employee above an increase. 

Ex. $882 of new revenue must be secured in order to offer the employee above an increase.