2015 Opus Christi Magnum


Opus Christi Magnum, Latin for “The Great Work of Christ”, is the primary annual fundraiser for Catholic Services of Acadiana and is a distinctly separate campaign from the annual Bishop’s Services Appeal. OCM consist of several small events each year and not only serves as a fundraiser but also an opportunity for us to share our work and educate the community about poverty, hunger, and homelessness in our area.  

We would like to especially thank this year’s event captains and hosts for their tireless efforts in making the 2014 - 2015 Opus Christi Magnum Series a success. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Andrade
Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Beaullieu
Mr. and Mrs. John Butcher
Mr. and Mrs. Blake David
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Gerami
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Haynie
Mr. and Mrs. Ross LeBlanc
Mr. Jimmy Mallia
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Merchant
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Michot
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Britt Mouton
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Neuner
Mr. and Mrs. Tyron Picard
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Munchrath
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Romagosa
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sturlese
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Trahan
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zuschlag

The programs at Catholic Services of Acadiana are examples of compassion and are imbedded in areas where suffering is most acute. The funds raised through Opus Christi Magnum allow CSA to practice subsidiarity, which is taking care of the needs as close as possible to the origin of the need.
— Pat Trahan- CSA Managing Council Vice President & OCM Co-Chair

 Why OCM?  

Accounting for approximately 16% of Catholic Services of Acadiana’s annual budget, the funds raised through OCM are integral to the life changing work of our programs and is an investment in a better Acadiana. By scaling back large fundraising galas and focusing more on intimate gatherings we have been able to minimize expenses, especially because of the generosity of local businesses who have donated their services completely.  

Opus Christi Magnum is proud to be a pacesetter in stewardship with 97 cents of every dollar raised directly benefitting individuals and families in need in Acadiana through the programs of Catholic Services of Acadiana. 

Sarah ClementComment