New Year, New Opportunities


We can't believe that it is already 2016! It seems like we just began implementing our 2015 vision but in reality, we've been at it for a year and seen some incredible progress. We focused on collaborative partnerships and solutions; by doing so have implemented a new downtown outreach specialist to engage the individuals currently living in proximity to downtown. We also focused on community education by seeking out opportunities to speak with students, volunteers, and local businesses about the current state of homelessness in Acadiana and the methods we use to end it. In 2016 we will continue to focus on these areas and also share creative ways for you to participate in the Year of Mercy. 

We know that you are probably thinking about your New Year Resolutions right now, so we'd like to give you some ideas. 

I resolve to... 

  • Volunteer regularly at Stella Maris Center, weekly on Wednesdays (between 8-12) to help with scanning files. Call 337-235-4972 ext. 104.
  • Volunteer regularly at Stella Maris Center, weekly on Wednesdays (between 8-12) to help sort donations and clean up/organize. Call 337-235-4972 ext. 104.
  • Volunteer my time to help as an IT specialist who is skilled in setting up a database server system with Microsoft Server 2008. Call 337-235-4972 ext. 104.
  • Volunteer at St. Joseph Diner during the summer months when there are fewer volunteers. Sign up here. 

I resolve to...

I resolve to...

  • Be educated about each of CSA's programs by scheduling a tour of their campus. Email to set up. 
  • Raise awareness about CSA programs by finding them on Facebook, liking and sharing their posts.
  • Understand the work of CSA by reading their blog posts and newsletters.
  • Learn about the day to day operations of CSA by following them on Instagram.
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